A planet is said to be “angular” when it is in one of the four angular houses or conjunct one of the house cusps associated with those houses.

The four angles and the angular houses associated with them are as follows:

1) The ascendant and the 1st house.

2) The midheaven and the 10th house.

3) The descendant and the 7th house.

4) The imum coeli and the 4th house.

When a planet is in one of these four houses in a chart, or is within orb or a conjunction of one of the angles, it is said to be “in an angle” or “angular”.

Most of the time when the term “angular” is used it means that the planet is in one of the angular houses, although some astrologers consider a planet that is within orb of a conjunction with one of the angles to be angular, even if the planet is technically on the cadent side of the angle, and thus not in an angular house.