Sade Sati

Sade Sati is a concept in Indian astrology involving Saturn’s transit to an individual’s natal Moon. The transit is said to last 7.5 years, beginning when Saturn ingresses into the zodiacal sign prior to the sign containing the native’s Moon, and ending when Saturn leaves the sign following. The most intense period can be expected to occur when Saturn is conjunct the natal Moon.

Saturn is seen as the lord of karma, providing important but sometimes painful life lessons. This transit is often associated with developing passion or perseverance through suffering, as the transit can correspond with a difficult time in the native’s life. Focusing on Saturnian concepts such as discipline, routine, and short-term sacrifice in the service of long-term gain can help to make the Sade Sati period more constructive.

According to Indian astrologers, the difficulty of a Sade Sati period will depend in large part on what sign the natal Moon is in. Natives with Capricorn or Aquarius Moons (Saturn’s domiciles) or a Moon in Libra (where Saturn is exalted) will generally experience easier transits than those with their Moon in a sign ruled by the luminaries, or by Mars, who is considered antagonistic to Saturn.


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