Composite Chart

A composite chart is created by listing the mathematical midpoints between the planets and points in two separate natal charts. They are often used in relationship astrology to evaluate the dynamics of the relationship, as the composite chart is said to represent the relationship or venture itself. Composite chart may be used to evaluate more than just romantic relationships, the principles apply to familial relationships, business ventures, or friendships.

Composite charts differ from synastry in that they do not representing the interaction of the two individuals’ astrological traits and significations. Instead, the generated composite chart is an independent entity that represents the signature and energy of the relationship—almost like the “child” of the two natives.

Interpretation of a composite chart is analogous to interpretation of an individual’s natal chart, as both charts share the same basic features. Placement of the planets and axes in houses and signs, together with aspects to those planets and points, all provide important information about the relationship. Composite charts can illuminate the basic nature of the relationship, direction, and communication style.

The composite chart was invented by John Townley, and was introduced into the astrological mainstream in his 1973 book The Composite Chart. However, composite charts had their origins in the existing midpoint theory and technique, dating from the early 20th century.

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