Hyposma or hupsoma (ὕψωμα) is the Greek term that was used to refer to the concept of exaltation in Hellenistic astrology.

In Greek the word hypsoma was used to refer to something that is elevated, heightened, or raised up.

The hypsoma or exaltations are specific signs or degrees of the zodiac where the planets were thought to be more auspiciously placed.

The exaltations are opposite to the “depressions” or “falls” (tapeinōma) of the planets, where they are said to be inauspiciously placed.

Since the early 20th century the Hellenistic concept of hypsoma or exaltation was thought to be derived from or connected to an earlier concept in the Mesopotamian astrological tradition known as the “secret places” or “secret houses” (bit nisriti). In recent years this assumption has been called into question, since when the secret places are mentioned in the cuneiform horoscopes it is not clear what it refers to, since the relevant planets are not in their hypsoma or exaltations in those charts.