Inception Chart

In astrology an inception chart is an astrological chart that is cast for the moment of the beginning or “inception” of an entity or undertaking, in order to derive information about it by studying the positions of the planets at the moment of its commencement.

The premise of an inception chart is that you can determine information about both the nature and the future of something by studying the alignment of celestial bodies at the moment that it began.

The moment that a new entity or venture begins is its inception, and thus an astrological chart cast for that moment is an inception chart.

Inception charts can by applied to a wide variety of different ventures, undertakings and entities, including things such as:

  • Founding a city
  • Marriage
  • Starting a company
  • Beginning a journey
  • Signing of a contract
  • Starting a war

Because inception charts are simply charts cast for the moment that something begins, they can be applied to anything that has a definite beginning.

There is some overlap between inception charts and electional astrology, since electional astrology is simply the proactive use of astrology to deliberately choose an auspicious inception chart in advance.

Technically an electional chart is an inception chart that is deliberately chosen based on astrological considerations, whereas an inceptional chart is simply a chart that was cast for the moment that something began.