The term quesited is used in horary astrology to refer to the subject of the horary question, or to the thing or person that was inquired about.

Usually there are specific planets or areas in a horary chart that are associated with the quesited, such the planet that rules the house that is associated with the question.

For example, if the question is about a relationship, then the ruler of the 7th house becomes the primary significator of the quesited (i.e. the relationship itself, or the other person who the querent wants to have a relationship with).  If the question is about children, then the ruler of the 5th house becomes the primary significator of the quesited.  And so on.

The term quesited is usually used together with the term querent, which refers to the one who asks a horary question. The querent is the one who seeks the answer to a question, while the quesited is the thing that is inquired about.