Secondary Progressions

Secondary Progressions is a predictive technique used in western astrology where the birth chart is moved or “progressed” forward one day per year of life, so that each day after the native is born is said to symbolically reflect the corresponding year of their life.

After the native is born, every day of their life is equated to one year. Their first day of life is the same as their first year. The second day of life is like the second year, and so on.

Whatever planetary alignments occurred during the course of a day towards the beginning of the native’s life will be applicable for the entire corresponding year according to secondary progressions.

For example, if someone was born on January 1, 1980, 34 years later in 2014, their secondary progressed chart would show planetary positions from 34 days after they were born, on February 3, 1980.

The purpose of this technique is to gain insight into one’s evolving personality and circumstances throughout the course of one’s life.

Major Events in Secondary Progressions

Major secondary progressed events include:

  • When the Progressed Ascendant enters a new sign
  • Planetary ingresses
  • Retrograde and direct stations
  • Perfection of aspects
  • Lunar returns
  • Lunar phases like the secondary progressed New Moon

Resources on Secondary Progressions

A two-hour discussion with astrologer Kelly Surtees about secondary progressions: Secondary Progressions: Every Day Symbolizes A Year