A T-Square is a planetary aspect pattern that occurs when two planets oppose each other in a chart (180°), and then both planets also simultaneously square a third planet (90°). This third planet is known as the focal planet or apex.

The T-Square is a dynamic aspect said to be characterized by tension between the three areas of the chart that contain the T-Square planets. Key to understanding the T-Square is looking at the three houses in the chart that house the T-Square planets, as well as the rulers of those houses.

Individuals with a T-Square often will spend significant time and effort addressing the obstacles or challenges presented by the opposition in their natal chart. The apex planet is often the most fruitful outlet for this tension, as it can provide a release of the pressure and a solution for the back and forth of the opposition.

When any one of the three planets in the T-Square experience an important transit, the native will often feel the impact of that transit in all three areas of their chart.


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