Tajika Astrology

Tajika Astrology is a form of astrology practiced in India, derived from medieval Arabic astrology texts translated into Sanskrit.

The word Tajika means “Persian,” although it is derived from a Persian word that means “Arab.” Tajika was transmitted to India sometime between the 10th and 13th century. The earliest author in this tradition appears to be the 13th century astrologer Samarasiha, though most of his works are lost, with the exception of quotations in later manuscripts.

Tajika flourished from the 13th to 16th century, and was often practiced by court astrologers in service to governors or rulers. This form of astrology imports certain medieval Arabic techniques that were absent from Indian astrology, most notably the concept of the solar return chart, and methods of making annual predictions through use of that chart.

Today, Tajika astrology focuses primarily on annual astrology and solar returns. This technique allows for at times, day-by-day predictions, leading to Tajika’s other name, Varshaphala, which means consequence of one year of the planetary transits at the moment of the solar return.

The modern Indian state of Gujarat in Western India is a major focal point for the practice of Tajika, likely due to its proximity to neighboring Muslim countries.

An important resource for the doctrines of Tajika astrology is Balabhadra’s Hāyanaratna, which was written in 1649, and which is a comprehensive compendium drawing from over 40 other texts. A critical edition of the Hāyanaratna was recently published and was translated by Dr. Martin Gansten.

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