A talisman is a sacred object that has been consecrated through ritual and use of astrological magic. The word talisman comes from the Greek télesma, which means consecrated or sacred object. By creating a talisman at a particular point in time, the practitioner can capture a planet or fixed star’s unique energy at that moment, harnessing it for future use. Thus, creating talismans requires the use of electional astrology to determine the most auspicious time frame for creation of the talisman.

Talismans often take the form of jewelry formed of metal or gemstones, which have been chosen specifically to correspond to the planetary energies the practitioner is attempting to harness. They often have images captured on them as well. For instance, a Venus talisman might be made of silver, and inscribed with the image of a woman standing on her feet, holding an apple in her right hand. (Picatrix, 101, 103). Talismans serve a wide variety of purposes, from securing material success and abundance, to protection and health, to finding love and ensuring marital harmony.

While astrological magic has a long history, modern day sources detailing the creation of talismans derive from the medieval and renaissance periods. Important sources include the Picatrix, Cornelius Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy, and The Supreme Mysteries of Nature, by Paracelsus.

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