Grand Cross

A Grand Cross is a planetary aspect pattern that occurs when two planets oppose each other in a chart (180°), and then those planets also simultaneously square (90°) two additional planets in opposition, forming a cross in the natal chart. The four planets forming the Grand Cross are all separated by square.

In a Grand Cross scenario, all four planets will be in the same quadruplicity, which results in a heavy emphasis on that type of energy in the life of the native. Grand Crosses are often referred to by their quadruplicity, such as a “Cardinal Grand Cross” or “Fixed Grand Cross.”

The Grand Cross is an aspect pattern often characterized by tension, pull between opposite extremes, and conflict. Because of the two oppositions, Grand Cross natives may have to exert extra effort to find balance in or to reconcile certain areas of their life. There can be conflict between different parts of the individual’s personality that must be grappled with and resolved.

Natives with a Cardinal Grand Cross in their chart will often be go-getters with tremendous energy for starting projects and taking on new endeavors. It may be more difficult for them to stay the course or follow through. Natives with Fixed Grand Crosses are remarkably stable, but are more set in their ways, and change can be difficult. Mutable Grand Cross natives are adaptable, but can struggle to make decisions and hold a course. As with any astrological placement, however, the expression of these aspect patterns in a given individual varies tremendously from person to person, and must be viewed holistically, taking into account the other unique elements of that native’s chart.

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